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It is our policy to follow all Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) requirements of brands and distributors. We believe that brands have the right to set the minimum price they want their products sold for and we do everything possible to uphold that price.

Maximizing Sales

We help brands and distributors maximize sales on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms as well as with our own list of buyers that we have been building since 2001. We monitor and update listings on ecommerce platforms in order to increase sales.

Building Your Brand

We’re not just another seller . . . We work with brands and distributors to help increase the brand awareness, image and consumer value of their products. Because when the brand succeeds, we succeed as well. We strive to make our relationship win-win!

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Helping You Sell More . . .

Ecommerce * Online Marketing * Since 2001

Since 2001, Peter Regan has specialized in selling products online on various platforms such as Amazon and ebay, as well as Social Media sites such as Twitter. We also sell directly to consumers using our in-house buyer list that we have been building since 2001.

We work hard to ensure that all of the products the products we sell fully represent the brands and help to improve the brand’s public image.

We are not just another seller. We work hard to increase your sales.

About Us

Peter Regan has been in marketing and sales since he returned from the military in 1969 and began studying for a BBA degree at the University of Massachusetts. He was an early user of the internet and used his offline skills and knowledge to begin selling and marketing online in the 1990’s. He started using the online platform eBay in 2001, while starting to build his email buyers list. He later expanded to Amazon and other platforms online. His business has expanded over time by using a simple formula of providing value to the brand owner of the products he sells and to the consumers who buy the products. He strives to keep it a win-win relationship for everyone involved.

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